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Jan. 16th, 2006 | 11:58 am
mood: weirdweird
posted by: dulcineebabylon in bananacookies

I was just thinking.
How lonely it is that there is no update.
Also I've been asking people if they like
banana cookie. Natta. I ask my friend if he
likes 'em and he said he does he and his mom
make 'em all the time. So I ask him how do you
make 'em, recipe? he said he don' know. (-_-)L
I guest he was just trying to impress me.

Anyways, then I started thinking hmmm I should write
a song and entitle it "Lika a Banana"... LOLZ I know; silly
idea. But it's harder then you think!!!

And I forgot what else I ws gonna say...

How 'bout this... Let's play a game...
How about we list all the things we can use banana for!!!!

Okay I'll start....

1] Banana peel. To make people slip. (Don't do it though)
2] Ice cream sundae isn't ice cream sundae without the banana
3] Rice some type of meat, and whatever sauce eat it then it banana. I swear it is good.
4] Banana ketchup... OMG this sounds yuck to people who isn't Filipino or never heard/tried it but it is the best!!!!
5] Don't forget the cookie
6] Good source of potasium
7] With cearal
8] Umm Remember the time when you and your girlfriends was umm exploring and the dumb one said, "Hey look, I can fit this banana in my mouth!!!"
9] Eat it alone is fine
10] OMG You guys should try banana Cue It's also easy to make.
11] OMG Torun (Banana Spring roll)

Ohh wait. I forgot this is bananacookies not banana... WAHHHH Forgive me...

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from: se12es
date: Jan. 23rd, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC)

ARF! You making me so hungry with those banana pics..and banana ketchup? LOL! :D

12] Banana Cakes
13] Banana Muffin
14] Banana Costume (lol)
15] Banana sandwich! (I have mine with honey)
16] AHHHH Banana Fritter.. either on it's own or with icecream..sooo yummy..='( Most chinese resteraunts have em :D
17] I really want to learn how to fry bananas in batter :D <3
18] Banana Milkshake flavour!
19] "First you put the condom over the banana" XD
20] My eternal happiness...:)

There's more!! I want to find out more!

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¿Semper ubi sub ubi?

(no subject)

from: dulcineebabylon
date: Jan. 24th, 2006 01:29 am (UTC)

XDD That was funny... And yes banana ketchup it's soo good with anything. Go to like a Seafood city a asian market or pinoy market and look for it.

21] Banana fries Hey anything is possible!!!
22] The manga title "Banana Fish"

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