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Banana Cookie #2

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Oct. 10th, 2005 | 06:32 am
mood: hyper....too much sugar..
music: Coldplay - Fix you
posted by: se12es in bananacookies

Omgoshz I made my banana cookie...things...today..they were kind of RETARDED LOOKING but always so nummy <3 But I didn't have normal flour, and I sort of don't have a 2nd tray..I made a lot of the dough..and I kind of didn't let it set before I tested the hardness underneath.....*cough* BUT NOW I HAVE A HOME TO PLACE ALL MY PAST MISTAKES! I'll do better next time. Making them is so much fun. I love mixing up the dough and the smell is so nice when they're cooking/cooked... so bananalicious...

I took f0t0s of them I'll post later =33333
That's all I have time for I gotta sleepysleep XD
Yeh this makes no sense XD
*did misa poses too*
My digicam needs a recharge =[
and I'll post my grand bana cookie recipes soon =3

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