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Eternal Bananas

A Home for Banana's and Banana lovers.

The love of bananas & cookies - Rants, Recipes & +
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Do you like Cookies?
Do you like Bananas?
Do you like Banana Cookies?
If you answered yes to the above questions, then this the place for you!
Ripped from gnaa, lol

Okay, seriously now. This is for people who love bananas and/or baking with them. Or if you just like cakes or cookies, that's cool too. If your like minded, come join us! We love bananas! And I love cookies! Oh, any my ambition for this community is....a banana empire....muhahahaaha.

Did you know?:

Bananas really are going to take over the world, I assure you. They will. So you had better get used to them pretty fast, because soon, you won't find a single garden without a banana tree, a single shop without banana cookies, and a single street without a "SERNANA" store- COMING SOON NEAR YOU!! XD
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